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17 June 2008 @ 06:03 pm

BEBE and I aren't dead =P nor is our site! but so sorry for the lack of updates.
BEBE has been moving and so she's busy with things and I've been around =)

OMG! Tsubasa masuwaka had baby boy! =) (read previous entry) they are adorable together =)

01 June 2008 @ 07:07 pm
let me introduce you to a very special person, my fashion idol/icon and my favourite model of all times...*drum roll* Tsubasa masuwaka!!

She is a Japanese model who works under Popteen and Egg. All i know is that I've loved her since like...forever because i think she is just too adorable. Her style is gyaru/himegyaru and each time i see her in magazines...all i can say is "awww...tsubasa..." (Tsubasa = wings by the way)

She got married to Naoki Umeda, a model for Men's Egg on Christmas Day...i think last year? and they had the most adorable-est wedding EVER =)

- Post brought to you by BEBE
01 June 2008 @ 06:40 pm
I have really short, heavy eyelashes so i've always had trouble finding eyelash curlers that work for me. A friend bought me back a japanese plastic one when she visited japan last year (I don't remember what the brand was) and it worked excellently. Unfortunately, it broke last week =( So i went on a "eyelash curler" hunt today and found Shiseido Eyelash Curler. I have to say..one of the best ones i've ever used! I also really like the fact that it fits the entire eye so one big curl for 3-4 seconds works beautifully. So if you're in needing a new eyelash curler, I would definitely recommend this one.

You can find it in stores such as Sephora for $17.50 or LeSaSa for $16.00. I know of other asian places that sell it for $18.99 although they don't carry refill plastics so beware!

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I wanted to talk about some new fashion trends for today's post but this morning I ran into an old middle school friend and had this sudden idea to blog about mineral foundation. Now, this old friend of mine use to be really conservative...really "anti-boys" but this reunion with her showed me how much she's changed. The first thing i notice about her is that she now wears makeup and her foundation is really really light. This is my first tip and one of my pet peeves 1. PLEASE buy and wear foundation that suits your skin color. I know the intension of foundation is trying to cover up any breakouts/flaws on the face...but foundation color that does not suit your skin actually draws in unwanted attention. Secondly, 2. DO NOT put on layers and layers of foundation. Nobody wants to walk around looking like a cake face, right?

Now, people have asked me before..."how do i know which type of foundation to buy and which ones do i know will suit my skin color?" There are a couple of ways i know of which maybe could be helpful to you too?

1. If you are investing in drugstore brands of foundation such as Covergirl etc etc....please use testers. I find that many drugstores nowadays already have makeup consultants lingering around. If you go at the right time ( or you can ask where they are), they will be happy to aid you in whatever makeup stuff you intend to buy. Ask about mineral foundation/foundation and test in on your own skin. TEST ON YOUR JAWLINE for any type of foundation. Do not make the mistake of testing it on the back of your hand. Your body skin color does not match your face color. As well, if you notice, your forehead skin color is also different from your cheek color. This is also normal. Your foundation must match your face ( Not your forehead) skin color.

2. If you're buying more high-branded products such as Chanel, Dior,Shiseido etc etc...please also use testers. Go directly to stores selling these products and try them! If you live in Canada like Mia and I do, go to "thebay", "sears"...these are all excellent makeup stores to try out products. Again, test these out on your JAWLINE! If you're asian and know of the store "SaSa" in asian malls, they also sell these products at a fairly lower price because they don't charge tax.

3. This is the route I took for my mineral foundation. I personally use Clinque for my liquid foundation because the "petal" color is exactly my skin color whereas my mineral foundation, i use MARYKAY ivory 1. What you can do is book an appointment with a marykay consultant and try out their products. These independent makeup consultants are trained to teach you about beauty care and sell you their products. But what is good is that they know their products really well.

EDITED: I just saved on livejournal but the rest of my post got erased ><" sigh...i'll continue and repost later. Maybe mia will do another post tonight if she has time.

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30 May 2008 @ 02:32 pm
I guess I'll be the one making our first post on this new livejournal account today. Welcome to Hayarilove =) Blue Giraffe and I have been old friends since high school and now we're both studying in University in Canada. BG (or she also likes to be referred online as Bebe) is from japan and majoring in both fashion and interior design while i'm chinese and studying nutritionist. This is our little fashion blog =)

I thought the best way to start off my first post is to talk a little about sun protection since summer is just around the corner. The weather here in Canada as of now or at least where I live is quite chilly....you still need to wear a jacket in the morning =S  Summer hasn't completely rolled in...yet.

Let's start off with a few sun protection tips;

1) UVA represents the longest wavelengths of sun radiation that the sun emits whereas UVB represents slightly shorter wavelengths of light. It is important that you buy sun protection that has BOTH UVA AND UVB..Sun protection with only one of these is a big FAT NONO.
2) YES!,there is something called UVC which contains the shortest wavelengths of sun radiation. Fortunately, UVC is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer and can't directly cause skin cancers or other skin problems.
3) It doesn't matter whether you're inside or outside, radiation can penetrate windows (unless you have those super sun deflective windows which normal buildings don't really have =P) so it's important to put on some sun protection.
4) It's important to wear sunscreen even in the winter ( or any season for that matter). Radiation can sometimes be worse in the winter because light radiation can bounce off white snow and onto your face. ( Unless where you live doesn't have snow but there are also other places where radiation can bounce off from)
5) SPF = Sun protection factor and means how long it will prevent your skin from burning. The value means it is SPF x 10 minutes. For example if the bottle says SPF15, it means 15 x 10 which gives you 150 minutes of sun protection against UVB.
6) IP = Indicia Protection. I'm not 100% sure about this one so correct me if I'm wrong. I believe it represents SPF in European countries. IP x 15 is SPF and IP10 is equal to SPF15.
7) PA = Protection Grade of UVA. If you're buying a sun protection product that originates from Japan, this is the coding they use. They divide it into PA+, PA++ or PA +++ depending on how good the protection can be.
8) The higher the SPF value, the whiter your skin will appear after application.
9) Choose sunscreen that are OIL-FREE to prevent your face from looking greasy even after you're in the sun for awhile.


Sunscreen prices can vary from really expensive to moderately affordable.
If you're looking for something high-branded, I recommend 1. Chanel Blanc Essential Whitening Modeling Effect. It is SPF30, PA +++ as well as acts as a Whitener + Primer to tone down any redness from your face but it is fair bit expensive than your drug store sunscreens selling at approximately $40.
A fairly good one found in drugstores is the 2. Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock with SPF30 and SPF45. I've personally never tried this one but it's good cause it has high SPF, waterproof and is oil-free. The one I personally use is known from 3.Elta MD SKincare with SPF 45 which has UVA/UVB protection, oil-free and fragrant free. I have sensitive skin so i bought this one from a dermatologist for ~$30. It's a bit more expensive than drugstores ones but i've been using it for awhile now so it's a good investment.

I've also tried 4. Coppertone UltraGuard COntinuous Spray with SPF 70+ which is really really good and also has UVA/UBA protection. Spray ones are fairly more expensive than liquid ones so watch  out for that. I also use 5. Shiseido Dual Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 Pa +++, I find this one a bit too liquidy for my liking but nonetheless is a good sunscreen product.


After sun products are important too. No, you don't have to use anything fancy but please please put on come kind of lotion or cream after removing sunscreen. If again you're interested in specifc sun hydrating products, there is the 1.Biotherm sun FItness Regenerating Moisturizing Soothing Cream After SUn out in the market right now which i recommend. But normal body lotion, face lotion or other gel creams, face masks, skin care lotions are absolutely good products to use.

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